Hope Beneath the Bering Sea!

A beautiful cluster of deep-sea coral, byozoans, anenome and other delicate life below 1,000 feet in the Bering Sea's Pribilof Canyon

A beautiful cluster of deep-sea coral, byozoans, anenome and other delicate life below 1,000 feet in the Bering Sea’s Pribilof Canyon

Yesterday I received wonderful news from colleague and friend, John Hocevar at Greenpeace, who has been on the front lines in Juneau seeking protection for the world’s largest underwater canyons, both in Alaska’s Bering Sea: Zhemchug Canyon and Pribilof Canyon, the “Grand Canyons” of the sea.

According to John, “the [North Pacific Fishery Management] Council unanimously adopted motions for both short term and long term measures. First, they agreed to identify coral areas in the canyons and weigh options to protect them. Second, they will develop a Fishery Ecosystem Plan for the Bering Sea, with particular emphasis on the shelf break.

Following eight days of often contentious hearings and tremendous pressure from powerful industrial fishing interests, this is very welcome news and exactly what our Greenpeace-led coalition had hoped for.

Over the weeks and months ahead our coalition will have a great deal of work to do helping ensure that the Council to follows through with strong measures that will ensure the health of the Bering Sea and the fisheries it sustains.

Our Ocean Doctor action alert set a new record for the number of responses. You added your voices to thousands around the world, and for that we are deeply grateful. And I am pleased to say that your voices were heard loud and clear. According to Greenpeace’s Jackie Dragon, Council member John Henderschedt thanked all who provided comments, saying “your voices are important to this process and they’ve been heard.” From all sources, more than 100,000 individuals submitted comments!

This victory is especially important as it underscores that the oceans represent the largest public trust in the United States, and not the exclusive domain of industrial fishing or any other commercial interest. They belong to and must be stewarded by all of us. You helped us make that point loud and clear, and for that, please accept my profound thanks.

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David E. Guggenheim, Ph.D.
President, Ocean Doctor
Director, Cuba Conservancy

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Get Your Cape On for World Oceans Day!

Release your inner superhero

Your oceans need you. Release your inner Ocean Superhero!

June 8th is World Oceans Day, and the message from our oceans is clear: They need you!

So duck into the nearest phone booth (if you can find one) and reveal the Ocean Superhero inside! We promise you’ll look just awesome in spandex.

Just pick an ocean critter sidekick, choose your look and swear to the Deep Pledge of the Legion of Ocean Superheroes, and we’ll mint a customized mini-poster (suitable for framing of course) and provide your very own “Ocean Superhero” badge you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Now put those superpowers to work! And Happy World Oceans Day!


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Choose Your Ocean Critter Sidekick

Choose your Superhero Ocean Critter Sidekick!

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Pick Your Ocean Superhero's Look

Choose Your Superhero Look!

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  1. I solemnly swear to use my superpowers responsibly to protect and restore the oceans of Planet Earth.
  2. I will take action to save the oceans, even if someone wakes me up in the middle of the night.
  3. If I eat seafood, I will eat it responsibly. I will ask many questions at restaurants, fish markets and grocery stores to be sure seafood I buy is sustainable. I'll refer people to a credible source on seafood sustainability, like Blue Ocean Institute's Seafood Guide. And I will never refer to Patagonian toothfish by its imaginary name, "Chilean seabass."
  4. If I see anyone throw plastic into the ocean, I will swoop down in my tights and cape, place my hands on my hips, and say, "Kind citizen, you have dropped plastic into the ocean where it can do harm. Please be more careful!"
  5. I will shamelessly boast to all that I am an Ocean Superhero and that our oceans need our help!

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