VIDEO: A Whale’s Unforgettable “Thank You”

As featured in The Ocean Doctor Radio Show, we’re pleased to present an amazing, inspirational video documenting the “rescue of a nearly-dead humpback whale, hopelessly entangled in fishing gear in the Sea of Cortez.” Michael Fishbach, co-founder of Earth Island Institute’s, Great Whale Conservancy, and his family and friends came to the whale’s rescue and were awestruck by what the whale had to give them in return. A hearty Ocean Doctor salute to Michael and the Great Whale Conservancy!

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  1. […] primarily on blue whales. In February of 2011 Michael spearheaded an effort to successfully free an entangled humpback whale named Valentina, in the Sea of Cortez . A video taken of this event has become a YouTube hit with over 4 million […]

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