Erika Bergman, Expedition Leader at Ocean Doctor
Ximena Escovar-Fadul, Project Scientist at Ocean Doctor

Ximena Escovar-Fadul, Project Scientist at Ocean Doctor

Ximena Escovar-Fadul is a marine scientist with broad experience in fisheries research and a strong background in ocean management. She plays a key role with Ocean Doctor’s Cuba Conservancy Program.

Ximena was born and raised in Colombia but has developed diverse marine research projects in several countries, ranging from population genetic studies in marine top predators, to the development of regional assessments and communicative reports regarding fisheries management and policy.

I am deeply interested in ocean management and the link between science and management and policy. I believe strengthening this link is essential to solving many of the environmental challenges we face.

Ximena’s experience includes working on shark fishery management and policy in the East Pacific Ocean for the IATTC Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (La Jolla, California); monitor shark nursery areas in the Galapagos National Park (Santa Cruz, Ecuador); and serving as a project coordinator and diving instructor  for Operation Wallacea (Cayos Cochinos, Honduras).

Ximena holds a Masters  in Environmental Studies, Management and Policy from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and a  Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Marine Sciences from the Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá Colombia). She is a certified scuba instructor and also serves as one of Ocean Doctor’s Expedition Leaders.



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