Cassidy Haney – Intern, Endangered Species


Cassidy HaneyCassidy Haney is a current graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, earning a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy. She received both a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, where her work bridged the divide between the natural and built environments. From an early age, she was drawn to nature, specifically the ocean, and growing up along the Florida Gulf Coast was the perfect place to explore the wonder and beauty of coastal environments. As she matured, she become interested in conservation, and the influence anthropogenic factors have on the health and sustainability of the natural world. She is excited to be a part of Ocean Doctor where she believes her love of the water and her academic and professional background will allow her to be a great fit for the team!

She has worked professionally as a Research Faculty at NYU, with organizations such as the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and the Florida Marine Science Center, and as an Environmental Law Researcher developing sawfish conservation legislation in Colombia with SeaLife Law and Shark Advocates International in collaboration with Ocean Doctor. She is currently serving with AmeriCorp-Florida Conservation Corp where she assists with education and interpretation for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Florida Park Service.

Career Goals

I am interested in conservation biology and sustainable development. I hope to be able to use my lived experiences from growing up along the coast, coupled with my academic and professional knowledge, to promote coastal and marine conservation through education, interpretation, and sustainable development.