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Ocean Doctor's Cuba Travel Program

Four New Opportunities to Join Ocean Doctor in Cuba

Four NEW Opportunities to Join Our Award-Winning Travel Program in Cuba! Join Ocean Doctor for your trip to Cuba! We have been conducting ocean research and conservation work in Cuba since 2000 and we invite you to take part in our award-winning and unforgettable educational trip to Cuba. Outside Magazine awarded Ocean Doctor’s trip its “Best […]


60 Minutes - CBS Join Anderson Cooper and The Ocean Doctor, David E. Guggenheim, as they explore Cuba's coral reefs on 60 Minutes. Watch online... 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper and David E. Guggenheim


Ocean Doctor was selected as honoree in Outside Magazine's annual Best of Travel awards.

Outside Magazine Awards Ocean Doctor’s Cuba Trip “Best Dive”

OUTSIDE, America’s leading active lifestyle brand, has selected Ocean Doctor as an honoree of its annual Best of Travel awards. From newly-revealed travel territories to the best deals, OUTSIDE’s Best of Travel 2015 celebrates the destinations and travel providers that inspire people to participate in an active lifestyle. Ocean Doctor’s Cuba Travel Program, which includes […]


Celebrating Cuba’s Scientists and Students Dedicated to the Ocean

For a Cuban who wants to become a marine biologist, there is only one choice: The University of Havana’s Center for Marine Research (Centro de Investigaciones Marinas, CIM) is the only Cuban institution where marine biologists are accredited. Ocean Doctor’s collaboration with CIM began nearly 15 years ago and continues with bold new projects today. […]

Environmental Film Festival in Cuba

Announcing Cuba’s First Environmental Film Festival!

Inspired by the success and impact of environmental film festivals around the world, including the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, Ocean Doctor is proud to announce that, with a number of Cuban partners, it will be launching Cuba’s first environmental film festival in 2016. Anticipating new environmental pressures in a post-embargo world, Ocean […]

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The Ocean Doctor Radio Show

Captive bottlenose dolphin and Ric O'Barry (Photo: David E. Guggenheim)

Why Dolphins Must be Freed — A Plea from Ric O’Barry (“The Cove”)

He was the former trainer of the most famous dolphin of them all, Flipper. There were actually five “Flippers” in all, and when the most well-known of them all, Kathy, died in Ric O’Barry’s arms, he made the profound transition from training dolphins in captivity to combating the captivity industry. His work was featured in the Academy Award-winning film, The Cove (2009), which used covert techniques to expose the brutal dolphin hunt that persists in Taiji, Japan. Ric shares his powerful message with us. Also: What would you do if your nation was going to disappear off the face of the Earth? We get a dramatic answer from ten warrior dancers of the tiny Pacific coral atoll nation of Tokelau.

Mourning the Dead in the Gulf

Into the Spill: A House Call to the Gulf – Part 1

The Ocean Doctor makes a house call to the ailing Gulf of Mexico, visiting southern Louisiana in the heart of the Mississippi River delta to learn firsthand the damage wrought by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. Join him on the water with fishing guide Ryan Lambert as he hears the local perspective and collects samples to assess the impact of chemical dispersants. (Part 1 of 2)

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