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Ira Flatow, host of PRI's "Science Friday" and Ocean Doctor president, Dr. David E. Guggenheim, at the CUNY studios in New York

Listen: Ocean Doctor on Science Friday: Conserving Cuba’s Coral Reefs

Ira Flatow (left), host of PRI's "Science Friday" and Ocean Doctor president, Dr. David E. Guggenheim (right), at the CUNY studios in New York (Photo: Courtesy of PRI's Science Friday) Ocean Doctor president, David E. Guggenheim joined Science Friday host, Ira Flatow, to discuss Cuba's coral reefs, their future, and how they may serve as [...]


60 Minutes - CBS Join Anderson Cooper and The Ocean Doctor, David E. Guggenheim, as they explore Cuba's coral reefs on 60 Minutes. Watch online... 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper and David E. Guggenheim


Barack Obama Cuba Announcement

Common Questions About the New Cuba Regulations

Today new regulations went into effect governing the travel of U.S. citizens to Cuba. We're still poring over the regulations, which are extensive, and we'll have more for you in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, here are the answers to four common questions: I'm planning to travel with Ocean Doctor. Is our trip still on? Yes! [...]
Video: Havana - Announcements December 17, 2014

Witnessing History in Havana: 12/17/2014

The Cuban taxi driver informed  me that the world was about to change. Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama were going to deliver a major announcement at noon. He shook my hand in congratulations. I stood stunned as the taxi pulled away. We had heard these rumors before, and with little Internet access, the rumor […]

Healthy Stand of Elkhorn Coral in Cuba's Gardens of the Queen

Why We Won’t Quit the Caribbean

You wouldn’t know it from the colorful travel ads, but beneath the Caribbean’s sublime azure surface, the story of is one of utter mayhem. A major report released earlier this year, the most comprehensive to date, puts it clearly and bluntly: Without swift and meaningful action, “Caribbean coral reefs and their associated resources will virtually […]

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The Ocean Doctor Radio Show

The Ocean Doctor Radio Show - Top 10 Shows 2010

The Top 10 Countdown: Your Favorite Episodes of 2010

It’s our end-of-the-year party and retrospective where we count down your top 10 favorite episodes of the year and enjoy highlights from each of them. If you’ve missed any past episodes of “The Ocean Doctor,” here’s your chance to catch up and discover shows you?d like to hear in full. Find them all at oceandoctor.org/radio

This Week's Guest: Dr. Nancy Knowlton, Sant Chair for Marine Science at Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

Wild and Crazy: A Worm Named Bob Marley and the Fish With a See-Through Head

In the oceans, Mother Nature continues to surprise and delight us with mesmerizing, jaw-dropping marine life that often wildly exceeds our imagination. Released at the completion of the decade-long Census of Marine Life, the new book from National Geographic, Citizens of the Sea: Wondrous Creatures From the Census of Marine Life, is not only rich with the captivating images you’d expect from the seasoned underwater photographers of National Geographic and the Census of Marine Life, but its delightful prose by author Dr. Nancy Knowlton — Sant Chair for Marine Science at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and a scientific leader of the Census of Marine Life — brings these photographs to life in captivating vignettes that will playfully bend your brain with utterly amazing facts about these utterly amazing creatures, including the Bob Marley Worm and a fish with a head you (and it) can see right through. We visit with Dr. Knowlton at her office at Smithsonian and take a field trip to the Smithsonian’s latest and wildly popular exhibit, the “Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef.”

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