MJ Hendren – Intern, Green Infrastructure & Environmental Economics

Biography & Career Goals

MJ Hendren

MJ Hendren is a current graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, earning a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy. She received Bachelor of Arts in Marine Biology from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, where she was also a Division II All-American on the women’s lacrosse team. She spent one semester abroad at the University of Newcastle in NSW, Australia, where she studied ecology and plant cell development. Her work in undergrad focused heavily on marine invertebrate biology and plastic pollution, building an interest in other human impacts. She has also worked extensively with reptiles and other endangered species in Florida.  

In addition to interning for Ocean Doctor, MJ has worked full-time Feb-November as an Environmental Educator SCA/AmeriCorps Intern for the USFWS at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Soldotna, Alaska for the past two years. MJ is thrilled to be a part of Ocean Doctor to continue her work on green infrastructure and conservation, as well as contribute other skills in social media, videography, leadership, and public speaking. 

In her spare time, MJ spends her time backpacking, hiking, and making music. If you would like to follow her Alaska adventures, you can find her on tiktok and Instagram at @Madjanehen.  

 Career Goals:  

In the next few years, while finishing my masters, I am open to every possibility. I have a heavy biology background, but after interning with the USFWS, I have a broader range of experience in interpretation, education, trail work, and conservation. Adapting to COVID-life also gave me the chance to sharpen my skills in social media, graphic design, and videography, and use them for work, possibly opening new opportunities. Though I plan to find a seasonal park ranger position for USFWS or NPS next year, I could ultimately see myself pursing a PhD in Ecology or doing more creative and/or interpretive work with a green or federal organization.