Taylor Gordon – Intern, Endangered Species


Taylor GordonI currently live in Easton Maryland and am attending grad school at Johns Hopkins university studying biodiversity conservation. I graduated from University of Maryland College Park in 2016 with a degree in environmental policy, my concentration was environmental issues and society.

In between undergraduate and grad school I worked as an environmental educator at a nonprofit located in Saint Michaels Maryland. I taught kids (as young as 18 months) through 12th grade, and professional scientists, all about the Chesapeake Bay watershed, with a focus on the human impacts on the estuary system.

I hope to gain more experience working in the environmental field, specifically conservation and research through Ocean Doctor. After having Dr. G as a professor, I was inspired and excited to continue working with him.

Right now I am doing research on sawfish legislation in Panama, working with SeaLife Law and Shark Advocates International in collaboration with Ocean Doctor.

Career Goals

Before COVID I had an internship, in Mexico, lined up working with sea turtle biologist studying different variables impact on hatchling success rates. Through conservation work, scientific fieldwork, and policy work, I hope to work in sea turtle conservation.

My love for turtles started at an early age, when I was eight years old I got a Reed Eared Slider, who just celebrated his 22nd birthday.

I started scuba diving when I was 12 and fell in love with sea turtles very quickly, so I’d love to, and plan to, work on protecting the species.