Roz completed her row from San Francisco to Honolulu on September 1, 2008, completing the first of three legs of her journey! On May 25, 2008, Roz Savage rowed beneath the Golden Gate Bridge and into the Pacific Ocean, which she is attempting to cross — rowing solo. She has already completed such a journey across the Atlantic, and is using her adventures to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire others to rise to their own challenges. Our friends at Blue Frontier Campaign, including its founder, David Helvarg, have been keenly engaged in Roz’s journey and working with Roz to make sure that her journey brings strong awareness about the oceans. (Ocean Doctor president David E. Guggenheim is a member of Blue Frontier Campaign’s Advisory Council). As a courtesy to Roz and her many fans around the world, Ocean Doctor has assembled this page to help you track and participate in Roz’s incredible journey. The Google map is interactive, with links to Roz’s photos and to her blog posts. Note that the map is not real time and we hope it serves as a useful complement to the real-time tracking on her site. Please be sure to visit Roz’s web site!