The following videos are made available for nonexclusive use by the media for use as b-roll related to stories covering the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its impacts on marine ecosystems.

Contact Information:

David E. Guggenheim, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow/Director, Cuba Marine Research & Conservation Program
The Ocean Foundation
P.O. Box 53090
Washington, DC 20009 USA
Email: [cryptex][email protected][/cryptex]
Phone (media only) +1 (202) 507-9797

Video Credit:

“David E. Guggenheim Ph.D., The Ocean Foundation” or “The Ocean Foundation”


Background: Dr. Guggenheim has been leading collaborative research and conservation projects in Cuba since 2000. Since 2002, this work has focused in Cuba’s Gulf of Mexico waters and coastal regions in collaboration with the University of Havana’s Center for Marine Research (Centro de Investigaciones Marinas). The project is providing the first-ever maps and comprehensive look at the biology of this region, including special focus on coral reefs. The project also includes a major sea turtle research and conservation project on Cuba’s far western tip, the Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve. Research in Jardines de la Reina began in 2009.

1. Underwater video of healthy Coral Reefs, Sharks, Fish, etc. in Cuba (Cayo Levisa, Jardines de la Reina)(Format: High Definition, Widescreen, H.264 MP4)

2. Cuban researchers working with hatching baby green sea turtles (Format: High Definition, Widescreen, H.264 MP4)

3. Cuban researchers working with hatching baby green sea turtles (with turtles entering water) (Format: Standard Definition, 4:3, H.264 MP4)

Background: Dr. Guggenheim participated on several expeditions in the Gulf of Mexico as a marine scientists and submarine pilot in Sustainable Seas Expeditions, a collaboration of the National Geographic Society and NOAA. Pulley Ridge lies 150 miles off the west coast of Florida in 250-300 feet of water and is believed to have the highest live coral cover anywhere in Florida. These deepwater corals support a highly diverse ecosystem.

4. Pulley Ridge: Deep coral reef (200-300 feet) along west Florida shelf (Format: Standard Definition, 4:3, H.264 MP4)

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