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  • Keep Your Electronics Out of Landfills! Get paid to recycle.
  • For Qualifying Items, Prepaid Shipping & Shipping Box
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Sell Your Electronics

Those old gadgets taking up space in the closet may be more valuable than you realize. Now you can now easily sell your electronic devices without the hassle of online auctions or yard sales, keeping them out of landfills and getting paid to do it! Our affiliate partner,, offers the easiest, fastest and safest way for you to sell and recycle your old electronics. When you sell cell phones, mp3 players, tablets, or other gadgets to us, you’ll earn cash while keeping old, used devices out of landfills.

How Does it Work?

Forget the hassle of online auctions or yard sales. Get cash for your used electronics in four simple steps:

  1. Answer a few quick questions online about your gadget.
  2. Get an instant online offer.
  3. If you accept, just mail your item in. For qualifying items you’ll even receive a free mailing box with a pre-addressed shipping label and free postage.
  4. Get a check (or payment via Paypal) a few days later!


How Does it Work?
Just Describe Your Device and Have Your No-Obligation Offer(s) in Seconds!


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Get Rewarded for Being Green!

According to EPA, U.S. consumers throw away nearly 2 million tons of consumer electronics each year, ending up as mountains of “e-waste” in landfills. Recycling begins with reuse and selling your used consumer electronics will ensure they stay out of the waste stream. After buying electronics, qualified buyers evaluate their condition, and those items in working condition are sold through a variety of outlets. Any personal data is removed first from all electronics resold. Any items without market value are recycled responsibly.

Through our association with uSell, we are very pleased to be able to offer our visitors and supporters an opportunity for responsible recycling. We feel strongly that each of us needs to be aware and take responsibility for the growing number of electronics products or “e-waste,” entering our waste stream.

And recycling with uSell benefits Ocean Doctor, too!

We hope you find an opportunity to participate in this recycling program. Please let us know about your experience. Thank you.

Ocean Doctor

What the Press is Saying:

“ might be the better route and less hassle.”

Daphne Munro, ABC

“ listed as top 2 option for selling your iPad”

Connie Guglielmo, Forbes

PC Magazine
“uSell listed as one of the top places to sell your old phone”

Eric Griffith, PCMag

“It’s the Kayak of the used electronics industry…”

Meg Handley, US News

“uSell cited as one of the top 3 selling sites on CBS’s morning show.”

Jack Otter, CBS

“…a model that makes it simple for a seller to list a device and receive the highest price possible..”

Allegra Tepper,

“Eco-friendly uSell buys back your old devices while protecting the planet.”

Clayton Morris,

“uSell is to other recycling sites what Kayak is to other travel reservation sites.”

Jean Chatzky, NBC Today Show



“Find the best prices for your used tech.”

Roy Furchgott, The New York Times

“There are countless other services out there for reselling used electronics, but uSell’s new approach is to search multiple buyer companies and find the one that’s willing to pay the most for what you have.”

Katherine Noyes, Discovery


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