Connecting Children to the Outdoors – Ocean Education Programs Rekindle Our Bond with Nature

The gust of wind carried the grand arch of balloons away from the confines of the city garbage bin. The students of Pacific Grove Middle School in Pacific Grove, Calif., did not delight in their flight. Not cheers, but gasps, escaped from the children’s mouths as they watched the balloons drift away beyond their reach.

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Slice Up Your Sunday Funnies and Save Endangered Sharks!

Click image to enlarge. © 2008 Jim Toomey.
On Sunday, April 20, 2008, Newspapers Around the Nation Carried this Special Edition of “Sherman’s Lagoon” by Jim Toomey

Cartoonist and devout conservationist, Jim Toomey, has dedicated his April 20 “Sherman’s Lagoon” comic strip to protecting sharks. His regular strip has delighted millions, featuring the antics of a variety of sea creatures, especially sharks. Here is what Jim recently wrote about this special edition of his beloved comic strip: “I have devoted my color Sunday Sherman’s Lagoon comic strip to creating awareness and public interest in shark conservation. Recent populations studies done by numerous independent marine biologists confirm that many species of large sharks from great whites to hammerheads to tiger sharks are being overfished to the point that only 10% of their historic populations remain. Read more