Note: The calendar below provides availability information for the accommodations at Gardens of the Queen. This information is not real-time and is subject to change without notice. An indication of availability on the calendar does not guarantee space will be available. Each entry indicates the number of cabins available, or indicates “FULL” if the vessel is full, “N/A” if the vessel is otherwise unavailable.

(3)  Indicates the number of cabins still available (in this example, 3)
(FULL)   Indicates that the vessel is full — no cabins are available
(N/A) Indicates that the vessel is not available
  •  Avalon I is a modern liveaboard which can sleep 16 in eight stateroom. It is air conditioned with private bathrooms.
  • Avalon II is a new vessel, larger than Avalon I, that will be in service in early 2014. It is air conditioned with private bathrooms.
  • Georgina is a smaller liveaboard, air conditioned with private bathrooms.
  • Tortuga is a small floating hotel with eight guest cabins that accommodate 2 or 3 guests each (for a total of 16-21 guests). It is air conditioned with private bathrooms.
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