Warm Memories of Cold Alaska

I’ve returned from Alaska to Washington, DC. Today it’s about 100
degrees warmer than Barrow, Alaska, and yet I do miss that special
place at the edge of the planet, especially the smiling faces of
the 4th graders who were so welcoming and eager to learn about the

I learned from them, too. I was one of the few who hadn’t eaten
whale meat, so I took the opportunity to learn about their whaling
traditions, customs and perspectives. And I’ve brought back their
handwritten notes to our leaders here in Washington. One of my
favorites reads simply, “Dear Obama, We have crabs and whales. Can
we keep them?” I’m filling 50 bottles — one for each state — with
messages from students in all 50 states for the Obama
Administration. Those young voices can be especially powerful!

I later spoke to more than 500 middle school and high school
students at Juneau Douglas High School, where the 19 F degree
temperatures felt balmy after the -43 F temperatures I had just
left. I hope to reunite with the state champion National Ocean
Sciences Bowl team — from Juneau Douglas High School — when they
come to DC in April for the national event.

If you haven’t seen my photos from the Alaska leg of the
expedition, I invite you to see them:


I’m off to Georgia next week, then on to New York, after a stop in
Veracruz, Mexico. Thank you all for joining me on this journey.
Thanks to those of you who have joined Please join the “Ocean
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raising their awareness of the oceans and helping them better
understand the excitement and promise of careers in science. Please
continue to invite your friends to join this important project.

Again, my warmest thanks to all,


To learn more about the Ocean Doctor’s “50 Years – 50 States – 50
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Again, I offer my warmest thanks to those of you who have
contributed to keep the expedition moving ahead. I’ve gone as far
as I can go on my own, so your help has been absolutely vital. If
you haven’t yet joined the expedition as a partner, please consider
a tax-deductible contribution to The Ocean Foundation to support
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Thank you for your support!

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