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Guanahacabibes, Cuba Read any authority’s advice about blogs and you’ll see at the top of the list: “Blog regularly.” Even for someone who enjoys writing as much as I do, I don’t believe in writing for writing’s sake — I like to share original experiences and ideas, not just rehash stale news. Still, I’ve experienced quite a few blog-worthy adventures in the four months since my last post shortly after the Bering Sea Expedition, but haven’t written a single word.

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  1. aliosha garcia
    aliosha garcia says:

    The most beautiful place in the world…I was there a lot of times, and I could say that forever…I Love guahanacabibes…I?m biochemist and I was working with the turtles proyect for years such as FBIO-UH student…that was amazing for me…I won forget that for the rest of my life…thanks to Dr marielena Ibarra for that oportunity…god bless her…I will not forget her…

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