Version 2 is You! ExpeditionDispatch from 1planet1ocean (Vol. 2 No. 2)


3 June 2008 (Vol. 2 No. 2)

Version 2 is You!

Announcing 1planet1ocean 2.0 and OceanDoctor 2.0

If you haven’t yet visited the 1planet1ocean or OceanDoctor’s blog sites this week, you’ll see some big changes. In keeping with the exciting changes on the Web, the sites have been completely overhauled. The most important addition? You!

As discussed below in A Word from the OceanDoctor, these changes are motivated by a growing trend and expectation that the Web is now an interactive place. Those boring static Web pages are so…nineties. Every article posted now offers an opportunity for you to submit your comments. So, please visit and contribute!

Row, Roz, Row!

On May 25, 2008, Roz Savage rowed beneath the Golden Gate Bridge and
into the Pacific Ocean, which she is now attempting to cross — rowing
solo. She has already completed such a journey across the Atlantic, and
is using her adventures to raise awareness of environmental issues and
inspire others to rise to their own challenges. Our friends at Blue Frontier Campaign,
including its founder, David Helvarg, have been keenly engaged in Roz’s
journey and working with Roz to make sure that her journey brings
strong awareness about the oceans.

a courtesy to Roz and her many fans around the world, 1planet1ocean has
assembled a special tracking page to help you track and participate in Roz’s
incredible journey, including a Google Maps/Google Earth map with Roz’s videos and photos and links to her blog posts and Twitter “Tweets.” Please be sure to visit Roz’s web site!

State of Cuba’s Coral Reefs

The world’s major coral reef science meeting, the International Coral Reef Symposium
(ICRS), returns to the United States July 7-11, 2008, to be held in Ft.
Lauderdale. Dr. Gaspar Gonz?lez Sans?n, Titular Professor at the
University of Havana’s Center for Marine Research (Centro de
Investigaciones Marinas [CIM]) is scheduled to be the lead presenter of
a paper entitled, Present Cond
ition of Coral Reefs and Associated Ecosystems in the Northwest Region of Cuba, preliminary results of a multi-year study conducted in a major collaborative study between Cuba and the U.S.

Read more…

A Word from the OceanDoctor

In the conservation community an ongoing challenge for many years has been finding ways to engage more people into the cause, reaching beyond the traditional core of our community to those who haven’t been adequately engaged, including young people, minorities, and many others. I’m a fervent believer that an individual doesn’t join an environmental organization solely because of a convincing political argument, but rather because somewhere along the line, something connected at an emotional level — perhaps seeing a whale, snorkeling for the first time, or learning about the adventures of explorers.

One of my central goals is to work with my colleagues to broaden the reach of what I believe are incredibly exciting stories of discovery and adventure above and below the sea. Over the past year I’ve been experimenting with a variety of new Web tools to engage new audiences in a medium that so many now largely see the world through. And it’s working. I was “Tweeting” (using the Twitter microblog) via satellite from the middle of the Bering Sea last summer on a Greenpeace expedition and thousands followed our daily discoveries. Revamping the 1planet1ocean and OceanDoctor sites was, in part, motivated by the goal of making the sites more interactive, rather than just a static display of information, and providing new opportunities for people to participate in the drama and excitement of exploration, research and even policymaking. And while I am also a fervent believer that the Web is no substitute for a real outdoor nature experience with Mother Nature on her own terms, it’s a start. I hope you’ll visit the new 1planet1ocean and OceanDoctor sites and share your experiences, adventures, and passions.

David E. Guggenheim, Ph.D.
P.S. For my personal commentary from at sea or behind my desk, I invite you to read OceanDoctor’s Blog


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Red is the

New Green

A recent article in Outside Magazine covers Cuba’s environment and its environmental record, with quotes from Wayne Smith, Center for International Policy, and David E. Guggenheim. Read the article.

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