Ocean Inspiration: A Tribute to Jacques Cousteau

VIDEO: Future of the Oceans Panel | Ocean Inspiration | Jacques Cousteau’s 100th Anniversary

Ocean Inspiration: A Tribute to Jacques CousteauJacques Cousteau’s 100th anniversary is an opportunity to come together and reflect on the future of Planet Ocean. Ocean Inspiration is a time to reconnect with our creative and intellectual capacity, and together move forward to positively impact our future.

Explorers, dancers, scientists, artists, musicians, filmmakers, family and friends will come together in this once in a lifetime event. Through spirited discussions and live performances, the audience will be encouraged to create their own form of ocean advocacy. May 18 & 20, 2011: New York, NY / Washington, DC

Ocean Inspiration: A tribute to Jacques Cousteau’s 100th anniversary is an occasion to celebrate, recognize, and reward the achievements of ocean advocacy in any and all its forms.

Friday May 20, 2011
World Resources Institute
Washington, DC

Future of the Oceans Panel:
  • Jon Bowermaster (Moderator)
  • Dr.David E. Guggenheim (Ocean Doctor)
  • Dr. Carl Safina (Blue Ocean Institute)

You can find more information about the full event at www.OceanInspiration.net or join the online conversation on Facebook.

A portion of the proceeds from Ocean Inspiration will be designated for World Resources Institute’s Reefs at Risk Initiative. World Resources Institute is joining forces with CauseCentric Productions to create a micro-documentary for the Reefs at Risk Initiative, produced by Céline Cousteau.


Part 1
[youtube 8aTm79C3ktY 590 356 ]
Part 2
[youtube 8_xQo2OgGvg 590 356 ]
Part 3
[youtube ReaA3kGYthw 590 356 ]
Part 4
[youtube 7e2h2UzD9sk 590 356 ]
Part 5
[youtube 957wOL4Uec4 590 356 ]
Part 6
[youtube 15QF9TFKxHM 590 356 ]
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