2010: The Year We Wake and Act

Like closing your eyes after staring at a light bulb, the image of the vast, dark spill haunts me like an after-image that just won’t go away after more than a month of poring over satellite images and nautical charts of the vast BP oil spill spreading throughout the Gulf of Mexico. At some point, as I pondered the growing dark mass, I recalled the eerie 1984 film, 2010 (the sequel to Arthur C. Clark’s 2001: A Space Odyssey) and the massive dark mass that consumed the planet Jupiter. And it seemed a tad spooky that the year the author chose when Jupiter would face its ginormous black swath of destruction was…2010.? Not knowing where it would lead me, I decided I had to indulge my right brain today, so I cracked my knuckles, opened Photoshop and this image is the result.?

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  1. john b gury
    john b gury says:

    I am so angry about what is going on it is difficult to have composure to write.
    There is not enough money in the universe to compensate what is going on here.
    I will be damned to hell before I roll over and let these evil bastards win.
    Now what to do? We all know about what ocean anoxia on this scale can do.
    Stopping this blow out by any and I mean any means possible is what is called for. Throw me into a volcano first if that is what it takes. Something akin to a Patton weather prayer would be a good thing I think. We can have the Nurenberg of BP and everyone else later.

  2. john b gury
    john b gury says:

    I suggest the cryogenic “badger” probe, plug and cap solution if we need some science involved. The ghosts of Howard Hughes, his lost planet airmen, and a Mr James Abercrombie of Cameron Iron works paid me a dream visit last night.
    Using thermodynamics to increase the overall stream viscosity mass is a fine idea don’t you think for closing this up?

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