The Gulf of Mexico: What’s at Stake

This video highlights the vast diversity of marine life throughout the Gulf at risk from the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. The video provides an underwater tour of the Gulf by sub and scuba, encompassing the U.S., Cuba and Mexico. Produced for the opening of the first State of the Gulf of Mexico Summit in 2006, it was also shown before Congress on 5/19/2010 as part of the testimony of Dr. Sylvia A. Earle.

[youtube UsjgzJZXs_s]
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  1. David De Francesco
    David De Francesco says:


    We are fourth grade students from McNair Elementary School in Herndon, Virginia. Currently, we have been following the oil crisis courtesy of googleearth. Below is a list of solutions:

    1. Contain the oil spill by building a barrier that prevents the oil from spreading, and eliminates waste.
    2. Build an oil tank that can handle the amount of pressure that the oil is producing.
    3. Create a laser that uses the sun’s rays to melts the hardened oil. Use the melted tar to cover the hole.
    4. Under water volcano proejection aimed for the oil well.
    5. Waterproof flotation device that has a tube that sucks out the polluted water, and creates a useful resource from inside the machine.
    6. Develop a tank that uses the oil that has been spread on to the shore.
    7. Create a machine that absorbs the spilled oil and converts it into a useable resource.
    8. Create an underwater habitat that is a dome that houses all sea life, and provides a clean environment for them.
    9. Develop an oil glider that holds the oil, and skims the surface of the water to collect the oil that is sitting on the water’s surface.
    10. Create a submarine that sucks the polluted substances, and then filters the water that it intakes.

    Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you,


    Room 240

  2. Ocean Doctor
    Ocean Doctor says:

    Hello 4th Graders!!

    Thank you for submitting ten truly thoughtful and creative ideas. I’ll make sure to send your ideas to many of the key people trying to solve this awful problem in the Gulf of Mexico. Your efforts are inspiring — I’m so happy to see that you’re thinking about this issue and working hard to think of solutions. That’s the only way we can protect and sustain our planet. Again, thanks.

    …David, the “Ocean Doctor”

    P.S. Kudos to your teacher, too!

  3. Regan
    Regan says:

    Hi 4th Graders!

    These ideas are so great! It is refreshing to see that such great ideas are coming from young minds. This teaches everyone a great lesson: our younger generation is mindful and resourceful! We should listen to you more often!

    Thanks! And thank your teacher for expanding your young minds.

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