Dr. Susan Shaw

The Deadly Truth About Dispersants in the Gulf

The Ocean Doctor on WebTalkRadio.netJuly 12, 2010: For the first time anywhere, hear the full, uncut story about BP’s unprecedented use of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico and learn why it’s making a terrible situation far more serious. We hear from marine toxicologist, Dr. Susan D. Shaw, director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute in Maine, during her second research trip to Louisiana. Also, what you can do to help stop BP from continuing this practice, which represents an uncontrolled experiment on the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystems.

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Marine toxicologist, Dr. Susan Shaw, director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute, Blue Hill, Maine

Marine toxicologist, Dr. Susan Shaw, director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute, Blue Hill, Maine

If you found this week’s interview with Dr. Susan Shaw troubling, please consider signing our petition and let the Administration know that you oppose the continued use of chemical dispersants, including the toxic Corexit, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Read more about this important issue:

Also: See the YouTube video that accompanies this week’s episode: The Shark Whisperer of Cuba

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  1. HealHealthcare
    HealHealthcare says:

    Could you please edit this session to a version with just Dr. Susan D. Shaw? (and increasing the volume in her voice would be great). It would make a great link to forward. It was alarming to hear about the skin burns and burning sensation in lungs & ears that Dr. Shaw experienced. People in the Gulf need to hear about these dangers.

  2. Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson says:

    My previous solution of thickening the oil as it surfaces and can be scooped up with Kevin Kostners vacuum skimmers can also be the solution for the submerged oil. The fumed silica (or Icelandic Ash} will attract the oil like a magnet. SiO2+ CH3 will ionically bond. SiOHCH will settle in bottom.
    A research study at Iceland Lakes near Volcano will evaluate its effect on the Oceans fish.
    Adding dispersed oil in a controlled area can be compared for it,s toxic effects.
    Fumed silica is available thru Cabot Corporation. Cabosil M5 and I also had someMt. St Hellens Ash which also is fumed silica also clumped up the surface oil.

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