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The Ocean Doctor on WebTalkRadio.netJuly 19, 2010: We talk with OceanRevolution founder and co-director, Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols, just back from the Gulf region to hear his firsthand report about the BP oil spill disaster. Also, more on the controversial use of chemical dispersants on the BP oil spill. And revealed this week, the secret to the shark-taming powers of the Cuban “Shark Whisperer.”

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Revealed this week, the secret to the shark-taming powers of the Cuban “Shark Whisperer.” Watch the video!

[youtube EIT_qN9VjG0]

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  1. Kahty L. Carrillo
    Kahty L. Carrillo says:

    Love the fact that the video clip show’s he is not stressing the shark. Alot of people think sharks are just waiting to attack you once you’ve entered the ocean atmosphere. That’s not true, and the more people see that, the better. We “Can” go-exist and we need to do what ever it takes to bring these beautiful animals back into a healthy state of population. “Thank You” David, you always provide such wonderful information..

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