This Week's Guest: Kristina Kennedy of Gazelle tells us how to recycle our electronics -- and get paid to do it!

A Crazy Awesome Way to Get Paid to Clean Your Closet…and Help the Oceans


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October 25, 2010: What’s lurking in your closet? Chances are there’s a cell phone or two in there, an old laptop and perhaps an iPod? Sadly most electronics waste or “e-waste” ends up in landfills where it can have very harmful effects on groundwater and the oceans. We visit with Kristina Kennedy of Gazelle, an innovative company that’s leading the way by paying you to recycle your old electronics. Plus our “In Depth” coverage of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill continues, but this week our Spin Detector alarm sounds!

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This Week’s Guest: Kristina Kennedy of Gazelle on How You Can Get Paid to Recycle Your Electronics


This Week's Guest: Kristina Kennedy of Gazelle tells us how to recycle our electronics -- and get paid to do it!

This Week’s Guest: Kristina Kennedy of Gazelle tells us how to recycle our electronics — and get paid to do it!

Gazelle wants to change the world — one cell phone, one laptop, one iPod at a time. The company provides a practical, rewarding way for people to finally rid themselves of all those old cell phones, digital cameras, and gaming systems that they no longer use, but can’t seem to find a way to let go of.

Too often when people think of recycling, they rush straight to smashing things into bits for parts. Gazelle believes that reuse should always come first. If your GPS unit still works, why not keep it in circulation AND get paid for it? If reusing isn’t in the cards, Gazelle will recycle that vintage camcorder. Gazelle considers it as ReCommerce.

Gazelle provides an easy, fast, and safe way for you to sell electronics and recycle electronics. When you sell cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, or other gadgets to Gazelle, you’ll earn cash and help save the environment by keeping old, used gadgets out of landfills.

As soon as Gazelle receives your used electronics and gadgets (such as used cell phones, used laptops etc.), they inspect them to be sure their condition matches your evaluation. You’ll be notified via email once your item has been received and inspected, and again when your payment has been sent. The whole process takes about a week once they receive a box from you.

Gazelle believes that electronics recycling starts with reuse. After the company buys electronics and gadgets, they evaluate their condition. When they receive items that are still in working condition, they extend their lives by removing all personal data from them, and selling the electronics through a variety of retail and wholesale outlets. Items without market value are recycled responsibly.


Sell your used electronics at

The latest information and publications from the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling:

Tip of the Week

If you visit, the cash you generate by sending Gazelle your gadgets will go directly to help The Ocean Doctor’s 50-Years 50-States 50 Speeches Expedition, a journey of outreach, education and discovery announced on my 50th birthday to bring speeches about the oceans to schools in all 50 U.S. states and U.S. territories with the goal of building an enduring wave of renewed interest in the oceans by its next generation of explorers, scientists and stewards and encouraging careers in the sciences. I’ve reached 14 states so far, more than 10,000 students from Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands, but there are lots of students out there whom I haven’t yet reached. Just visit and you can get started right away.

Sell Your Electronics and Help The Ocean Doctor's "50 Years - 50 States -50 Speeches" Expedition!

Sell Your Electronics and Help The Ocean Doctor’s “50 Years – 50 States -50 Speeches” Expedition!

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