Mourning the Dead in the Gulf

Into the Spill: A House Call to the Gulf – Part 2

The Ocean Doctor on WebTalkRadio.netAugust 2, 2010: The Ocean Doctor makes a house call to the ailing Gulf of Mexico, visiting southern Louisiana in the heart of the Mississippi River delta to learn firsthand the damage wrought by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. We visit again with fishing guide Ryan Lambert and also visit East New Orleans? Vietnamese community — a community especially hard-hit by Katrina, and now the BP spill ? where they are considering sustainable, land-based aquaculture as an alternative to fishing the Gulf. Father Vien Nguyen gives us the grand tour. (Part 2 of 2)

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Photos of the Louisiana trip by Alan and David Guggenheim

PBS Newshour segment on dispersants, including interview with Dr. David E. Guggenheim

Smartsheet: Featured on this week's "Tools of the Trade"

Smartsheet: Featured on this week's "Tools of the Trade"

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  1. Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson says:

    James T Thompson: The solution is to thicken the oil by spreading Cabosil M5 by Cabot Corporation or Icelandic ash which also is a fumed silica and Kevin Costner can use his skimming ships to pick up the silly putty likeglobs. The silica attracts the oil like a magnet. I can send photos showing how I can pick out the globs with a screened kitty litter scoop. It can be spread by air as they have been spraying Nalco Chemicals dispersant.

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