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What Becomes of Cuba After the Embargo is Lifted?

When a foreigner sets foot in Cuba, it immediately becomes clear that this magical island is profoundly unique and has developed drastically differently than any other country in Latin America and the Caribbean. And for those who venture into its verdant mountains or below its aquamarine waves, a striking revelation awaits:  Just as the fifties-era […]


60 Minutes - CBS Join Anderson Cooper and The Ocean Doctor, David E. Guggenheim, as they explore Cuba's coral reefs on 60 Minutes. Watch online... 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper and David E. Guggenheim


Ocean Doctor's Cuba Travel Program is the cover story in Scuba Diving Magazine

Look Who’s on the Cover of Scuba Diving Magazine!

That’s our pal, Niño the saltwater crocodile, adorning the cover of the latest Scuba Diving Magazine! We’re proud to say that the cover story feature’s Ocean Doctor’s unique educational travel programs to Cuba and the spectacular Gardens of the Queen. We’re also proud to say that Scuba Diving Magazine readers voted Gardens of the Queen […]

The beloved  Northern Rockhopper penguin has declined 90 percent over the past 50 years and is now an endangered species

Save Penguins and Threatened Wildlife at Earth’s Remotest Places

  On March 16, 2011, a horrific environmental disaster occurred at the most remote inhabited island group in the world, Tristan da Cunha, that threatened the second largest concentration of seabirds in the world. Marine scientist Dr. David E. Guggenheim, president of  Ocean Doctor, was aboard a ship that received a distress call from a […]

Teaching my first class in Cuba

The Single Word I Taught First Graders in Cuba

At a rural Cuban elementary school nestled in the verdant mountains west of Havana, I approached the front of the class and queued up my best Spanish. The first-graders looked at me with puzzled anticipation — they don’t see many Americans entering their classroom, let alone U.S. visitors who try to get up and teach. […]

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The Ocean Doctor Radio Show

The Licking River winds through Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve, Licking County, Ohio; keeping its waters clean help this community and communities downstream, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico

Why Saving the Gulf of Mexico Starts in Ohio

For many of us in the 48 continental United States, what we do in our own back yard can directly impact what happens in the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly 40 percent of the continental United States — and even a small portion of Canada — drains into the Mississippi river and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico. We visit central Ohio where the Licking County Soil & Water Conservation District is helping its community restore and protect its natural lands, farmlands and waters while also helping countless communities downstream, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Learn about rain gardens and rain barrels and how all of us can work together to make our back yards more beautiful and our communities — and the Gulf of Mexico — more healthy and vibrant.

This week's guest: Stuart Strahl, President & CEO of the Chicago Zoological Society & Director of the Brookfield Zoo

The 21st Century Zoo

Nearly 80 percent of Americans live in cities or urban areas. Their number one outdoor destination? The zoo. But today’s zoo has evolved far beyond the zoo we may remember from our childhood, toward being a major force in education, conservation and community leadership. Sharing his unique perspective on the vital role of the zoo is our guest, Dr. Stuart Strahl, President/CEO of the Chicago Zoological Society and Director of one of the world’s premier zoological institutions, the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

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